Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Start of study

The academic year is divided into two semesters:

  • The summer semester - abbreviated as SS or SoSe (from April 1 to September 30) and
  • The winter semester - abbreviated as WS or WiSe (from October 1- March 31)

Each semester has a lecture period when most courses take place. The summer-semester lecture period lasts from mid-April to the end of July and in the winter semester from Mid-October until the beginning of February (Exact dates may be found here).
Most lab courses, block courses, etc. take place during the lecture-free period, which is sometimes, incorrectly, called "semester break".

Introductory events

  • For first semester students (bachelor, state examinations, teaching courses) introductory courses are offered. Times and dates of theses courses can be found in the university course catalogue.
  • On the first day or week of the lecture period there are events to inform students about the coming semester and to organize practice groups and assign lab spaces.