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Re-registration / Leave of absence


At the end of each semester students must re-register for the following semester. A student is considered re-registered when his/her semester fees have been paid by bank transfer by the given deadline.
Re-registration is required every semester! If you do not re-register on time, you will be exmatriculated.

Further information: LMU-Website

Leave of Absence

Students who have serious issues that prevent them from continuing their normal studies may take a leave of absence which is, at most, two semesters long.

A leave of absence provides that the accumulation time of a student's specialized semesters is halted, thereby preventing possible future problems with exam deadlines.
The number of regular semesters, however, proceeds as always. If you are granted a leave of absence, you are still considered enrolled in your degree program and maintain your student status as well as your health insurance. You may not acquire credits during your leave (ECTS-Points or "Scheine"), but, in turn, must take repeat exams for courses you have failed within the required deadlines. Leave semesters do not affect the official deadlines for repeat exams. If necessary, exceptions must be applied for separately at the Examination Office/ Examination Committee !

Every request for a leave of absence must be accompanied by the appropriate application form and necessary certificates (doctor's certificate, for example) and submitted to the Registrar's Office. Please note that there are deadlines to apply for a leave of absence.

Detailed information about the possible reasons for a leave of absence and to view information about semester fees, please access the links below: