Research Interests

  • Linguistic heterogeneity and cultural diversity in chemistry classes
  • Development and digitalization of tertiary education considering students heterogeneity
  • Teaching and learning of scientific language in chemistry classes as well as tertiary education
  • Pedagogical Scientific Language Knowledge (PSLK) of pre- and in-service chemistry teachers

Short CV

  • 2004 First Stateexam für teacher at the grammer school for chemistry and mathematics
  • 2008 PhD at the Institut for Science Education - Chemistry Education at the University of Bremen, Germany
  • 2009 Second Stateexam at the Landesinstitut für Schule, Bremen
  • 2017 Professor for Science Education at the Ludwigsburg University of Education, Germany
  • 2022 Professor for Chemistry Education, LMU

Key publications

  • Mönch, C., & Markic, S. (2022). Exploring pre-Service chemistry teachers’ pedagogical scientific language knowledge. Education Sciences, 12(4), 244.
  • Rüschenpöhler, L., & Markic, S. (2020). How the home environment shapes students’ perceptions of their abilities: The relation between chemistry capital at home and students’ chemistry self-concept. International Journal of Science Education, 42(12), 2075-2094.
  • Tolsdorf, Y., Kousa, P., Markic, S., & Aksela, M. (2018). Learning to teach at heterogeneous and diverse chemistry classes - methods for university chemistry teacher training courses. Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technological Education, 2018, 14(10), em1593
  • Markic, S. (2018). Learning language and intercultural understanding in science classes in Germany. In: K.-S. Tang & K. Danielsson (Eds.), Global developments in literacy research for science education, Heidelberg: Springer, 63-78.
  • Markic, S., & Abels, S. (2016). Science education towards inclusion. Nova Publishing.