Important: New Informations on corona virus (SARS-CoV-2)

May 02, 2020

Lectures and internships for students are stopped!

Teaching in chemistry and biochemistry, i.e. all lectures, seminars and practical courses, but also all examinations (including Master's examinations) is currently suspended by ministerial order until further notice and will not take place. With regard to academic progress checks, cancelled examinations will be considered the result of circumstances beyond the students' control.

We will keep you informed about the further procedure and planning of the SoSe on our website:
Please do not contact lectureers for information.

In addition to the website, please check your campus email regularly so that you do not miss any new developments.

Please check your Campus-Email regularly and also the LMU website

For your protection, we ask you to pay attention to the appropriate hygiene measures and distances between persons, even outside the university.

(Status as of 16.04.2020)