Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Glass design competition StuBistro of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Munich, Feb 07, 2020

Design competition for the glass partitions of the new StuBistroMensa!


The expansion and refurbishment of the student cafeteria StuBistroMensa in the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy will create a new place with an inviting and appealing atmosphere. The new StuBistroMensa is open to students and all relatives of the faculty from morning to evening. It is of particular concern to the LMU to create a space for communication and encounter.

The aim of the design competition is to find an attractive design for the glass partitions that will separate the dining room from the kitchen serving area. The design should give the place an unmistakable identity.

Therefore, all future visitors are invited to actively help shape the premises.

The idea is to bring the life of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy to the in-house StuBistroMensa and also to create a successful symbiosis with the preparation and intake of food.

You can find information on the tender and the competition in the following files:

Deadline for competition work: April 30th, 2020, 23:59

Questions about the competition are open until April 6th, 2020 at .

We're looking forward to your suggestions!