New Cluster of Excellence e-conversion

Oct 18, 2018

Photocells, catalysis, batteries? What is the most efficient and sustainable way to capture and convert energy into useful forms? The new Cluster, which will will receive funding from 2019 on, will study the processes that take place at the interfaces between different materials.

In order to meet the rising global demand for energy, energy conversion processes must become more efficient and sustainable. To achieve this goal, “we need a new approach, which integrates important insights and strategies from diverse modes of energy conversion ranging from photovoltaic systems to catalysis and batteries,” says LMU chemist Thomas Bein, one of the Coordinators of the new Cluster of Excellence e-conversion. The efficiency of such systems is largely determined by processes that take place on the atomic scale at interfaces between different functional materials. The chemists and physicists involved in the research network plan to analyze these processes in detail and optimize the molecular structures of these interfaces for maximum efficiency. more