Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

State examination in Pharmacy (only in German)

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Current Information

Information regarding the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2): https://www.en.uni-muenchen.de/news/newsarchiv/2020/corona_informationen0203.html

Class of "Pharmazeutische/Medizinische Chemie":
Pharmazeutische/Medizinische Chemie I (Prof. Paintner) & Pharmazeutische/Medizinische Chemie II (Prof. Bracher) in winter semester 
Pharmazeutische/Medizinische Chemie III (Prof. Merk) & Pharmazeutische/Medizinische Chemie IV (Prof. Bracher) in summer semester


The composition of the schedules is based on the information of the respective lecturer or professor. No responsibility can be taken for the correctness of this information.  In case of doubts please directly contact the lecturer in charge or .

All schedules are provided without warranty and are undergoing constant changes, subject to alterations.

1. Semester Pharmacy State Examination

2. Semester Pharmacy State Examination

3. Semester Pharmacy State Examination

4. Semester Pharmacy State Examination

5. Semester Pharmacy State Examination

6. Semester Pharmacy State Examination

7. Semester Pharmacy State Examination

8. Semester Pharmacy State Examination