Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Contact points and helpdesks for students of the faculty

Dean of Study

The dean of study is responsible for the teaching in the department and is elected by colleagues or the Faculty Committee from among the professors in his field for a term of three years.

Study Program Coordination

The person to contact with all questions concerning the organization of study programs.

Office of Student Affairs and Examinations Offices

The team at the Office of Student Affairs is happy to give you advice and information about your personal study status.
The Examinations Office is where you register for oral exams and where you sign up for starting your bachelor's or master's thesis.

Study Guidance Office

The study guidance team offers advice and information concerning your specific study program.

Examinations Committee

The Examinations Committee consists of four members of the faculty who are appointed for a term of two years by the Faculty Committee. It is responsible for the organization of examiners, exam observers and other exam-related matters. It is responsible for the adherence to the examination and study bylaws.

Student Unions

The student unions serve as a guidance and information center for students by students.

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