Awarding of the Römer Prizes 2023

Dec 05, 2023

Ceremonial awarding of the 2023 Römer Prizes on Friday, December 1, 2023

The Römer Prizes for outstanding achievements by young scientists from the Departments of Biochemistry and Chemistry were awarded for the 18th time on December 1, 2023. After a three-year break due to the coronavirus pandemic, the prizes were once again presented at a major ceremony. First of all, the certificates were presented to the graduates of the Master's degree programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

The following students then received Römer prizes of € 500 for outstanding achievements in their Master's thesis:

  • Felix Böhm
  • Christoph Kremser
  • Patrick Möhler
  • Jannik Roth, who was unfortunately unable to attend, and
  • Sophia Schwojer

Furthermore, Römer prizes of € 1,250 were awarded for their doctorates:

  • Dr. Tobias Becker
  • Dr. Robert Buschauer
  • Dr. Laura Huber
  • Felix Metzner
  • Martin Peschel
  • Dr. Alisa Sunagatullina, who was unfortunately unable to attend
  • Simon Wanninger
  • Dr. Jonas Zähringer, who was unable to attend, and
  • Dr. Shubo Zhao

For his achievements as a junior research group leader

  • Dr. Pavel Kielkowski

was honored with a Römer Prize in the amount of € 3,000.

Finally, Prof. Ulrich Hartl from the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry gave a keynote speech on the topic of "Chaperones in the cell - their role in health and disease".

Pictures of the ceremony can be found at the picture gallery.