News Archive - 2023
Dec 14, 2023 DDL Emerging Scientist Award for Prof. Olivia Merkel

On December 8, 2023, Olivia Merkel received the DDL Emerging Scientist Award.

Dec 06, 2023 Seventeen LMU scientists and academics make Highly Cited Researchers list

The latest analysis of publications places seventeen LMU scientists and academics among the most successful in their chosen field.

Dec 05, 2023 Awarding of the Römer Prizes 2023

Ceremonial awarding of the 2023 Römer Prizes on Friday, December 1, 2023

Nov 30, 2023 Honorary doctorate for Prof. Dr. Thomas Klapötke

Prof. Dr. Thomas Klapötke was awarded a honorary doctorate by the Military Technical Academy "Ferdinand I" Bucharest.

Nov 29, 2023 Pavel Kielkowski awarded Plus 3 Perspectives Programme of Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation

Organic chemist Pavel Kielkowski, Junior group leader at LMU’s Institute of Chemical Epigenetics - Munich, has received funding by the prestigious Plus 3 Perspectives Programme of the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation.

Nov 23, 2023 Prof. Fingerhut and Prof. Stingele receive highly endowed ERC grants

The European Research Council supports innovative projects through Consolidator Grants.

Oct 30, 2023 ERC Synergy Grant for LMU researcher Knut Müller-Caspary

The funded project will develop approaches for the structural analysis of very small proteins.

Oct 29, 2023 Ceremonial event for the awarding of the Römer Prizes 2023

Ceremonial awarding of the 2023 Römer Prizes on Friday, December 1, 2023

Oct 10, 2023 Lucas Jae receives Vallee Scholarship

Biochemist Lucas Jae, Professor of Functional Genomics at LMU’s Gene Center Munich, has been awarded a prestigious scholarship by the Vallee Foundation.

Sep 13, 2023 Distinction for research project: how bacteria fend off viruses

Microbiologist Rotem Sorek has received the Max Planck-Humboldt Research Award, worth 1.5 million euros, for a joint project with LMU’s Gene Center Munich and the HIRI institute in Würzburg.

Aug 04, 2023 Cluster4Future CNATM now online

The website of our Clusters4Future Cluster for Nucleic Acid Therapeutics Munich - CNATM with headquarters at our Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy is now online:

Jul 06, 2023 LMU-Studium: Course offerings and tips for choosing a course of study

LMU offers an enormous range of fields of study. We help you with the decision-making process.

Jun 20, 2023 Code of Conduct

Jun 19, 2023 CAR T-cell therapy against cancer – the next generation

A team led by LMU researcher Marion Subklewe is modifying this novel form of therapy so that it can also be used on tumors that have been untreatable before now.

May 26, 2023 German Research Foundation (DFG) grants for research into new materials

Chemist Simon Kloß has been awarded DFG research grants through the Emmy Noether and Heisenberg programs.

May 12, 2023 Nucleic Acid Isar Valley starts Work

On May 1, the Cluster for Nucleic Acid Therapeutics Munich (CNATM) started its work.

May 11, 2023 Bacteria: radioactive elements replace essential rare earth metals

A team led by LMU chemist Lena Daumann has demonstrated for the first time that bacteria can use certain radioactive elements to sustain their metabolism.

Apr 17, 2023 Prof. Oliver Trapp awarded Horst-Pracejus Prize of the GDCh

Oliver Trapp, Professor of Organic Chemistry at LMU since 2016, has been awarded the Horst Pracejus Prize of the German Chemical Society (GDCh).

Mar 30, 2023 Biomolecules: Trying nanometer measurement for size

As part of a comparative international study, researchers have successfully tested and validated a method of investigating dynamic protein structures.

Mar 24, 2023 Photosynthesis: varying roads lead to the reaction center

LMU chemists use high-precision quantum chemistry to study key elements of super-efficient energy transfer in an important element of photosynthesis.

Mar 09, 2023 “Chemicalese” for all

Recent LMU appointment Silvija Markic is an educationalist who researches linguistic heterogeneity and cultural diversity in chemistry class.

Mar 08, 2023 Microscopy: highest resolution in three dimensions

LMU researchers have developed a super-resolution microscopy method for the rapid differentiation of molecular structures in 3D.

Feb 01, 2023 ERC Grant for Prof. Olivia Merkel

The European Research Council has awarded two Consolidator Grants to LMU researchers. A projects from the field of pharmacy receives funding.

Jan 20, 2023 The fingerprint of structural dynamics in biomolecules.

Activities in our daily life are mainly limited by the turnover rate of our biomolecular machines. After an extensive sports session, we need to regenerate our energy. In the process, enzymes in our cells replenish our stores of molecules such as ATP, and ion pumps transport potassium and sodium ions back into our muscle cells. To do this, these biomolecular machines often change their conformation. Although the reaction pathway of many biomolecular machines is known, it is very difficult to study the rate of change between two conformational states. Yet quantifying dynamic processes is essential to understanding many biological processes.

Jan 16, 2023 Römer Prizes 2022 awarded

For the 17th time, the Römer Prizes for outstanding achievements in biochemistry and chemistry were awarded in December 2022.

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